Business advice - Business mentoring on demand

 Looking for one-off support 
 when you really need it 

This is Pay As You Go mentoring
When a decision is urgent, important and yet so confusing...
A private call with me to shine the light on the way forward

  • When you need someone to listen and help you decide rather than tell you what they would do
  • If you can't make your mind up what to do, yet a decision must be made
  • When you need to discuss something confidential and you have no one to turn to
  • If you can't commit to a long term relationship with a mentor and need help just once
  • When years of experience is what you're missing to ensure you choose the right path
What you get

  • Step 1 Buy your session ( in GBP if in the UK or in USD if outside of the UK)
  • Step 2 Book your slot
  • Step 3 Complete the pre-meeting questionnaire where you give context, ask a question or lay out the decision you need to make
  • Step 4 Attend the online session of 1 or 2 hours to discuss
  • Step 5 Access the replay of the session so you don't have to remember everything or take frantic notes
  • Absolutely NO strings attached


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