The ADHD Entrepreneur: Creative Genius or Scattered Mess?
Let's be real - having ADHD while running a business is like riding a rollercoaster blindfolded. The ups, the downs, the sudden's one wild ride. As mentor and business coach for neurodivergent entrepreneurs, I've got a front-row seat to the challenges and perks.
Let's start by acknowledging three major drawback of the ADHD brain:
  1. Time Blindness when the concept of time is more abstract art than physics. Does it exist? How does it work? What even is a second? For ADHDers, schedules and deadlines are lowercase suggestions rather than rules set in stone. This makes sticking to routines, meeting time-sensitive goals, and hitting investor, let's just say "difficult."
  2. Shiny Object Syndrome. They are the easily distracted mavens of -- oh look, a squirrel! Between impulse decisions, newfound obsessions, and constant boredom, shiny object syndrome is real. It's hard to sustain focus on one big goal when every passing intrigue pulls their attention like oooh, let's disrupt the frisbee industry or import rubber duck moustaches from Finland! But fear not, I'm focused again no-- wait, one sec...
  3. Financial Forgetfulness Those with ADHD have a propensity for constantly losing things like keys, willpower, and their trail of thought, making keeping finances and operations organized an uphill battle. Important invoices get missed and parking tickets accrue at an alarming rate because their filing "system" is really just a blackhole. If you loan someone with ADHD $20, you might just want to get it in writing. Or be prepared to renounce all belongings to the ADHD Tax.
But lest you think it's all chaos and downsidess, check out three awesome superpowers ADHD entrepreneurs bring to the table:
  1. Perpetual Idea Machine Their mind is like a volcano, constantly erupting with lava-hot ideas, unique perspectives, and random creative bursts. While most have to attend brain-boosting workshops to "think outside the box," those with ADHD there. They see problems from a totally different angle, making those eureka moments practically second nature.
  2. Lords of Hyperfocus Mention something they're genuinely intrigued by and it's like injecting them with ultra-concentrated motivational serum. Their ability to hyperfocus on topics that captivate them isn't just a party trick - it's a legitimate superpower. They've coded for 12 hours straight, surviving only on caffeine and blind fixation, emerging with crazily innovative solutions.
  3. Unshakeable Courage What's riskier - investing your life savings in a revolutionary crypto startup or simply trying to withdraw cash while having ADHD? The way they see it, nothing is too scary to attempt when you've already mustered the guts to step out into the world as a distractible, impulsive adult. They don't get hung up on potential failure - they'd rather chase their craziest ambitions than be paralyzed by fear.
At the end of the day, being an entrepreneur with ADHD is a wild, chaotic, magnificent, and maddening experience. They have the ambition, grit, and creative brainwaves to take on the world...if they can only figure out where they left their strategic plan, wallet, and pants. But that's just how they roll - an unpredictable, eccentric evolution of genius and dazed looks. Controlled disaster, patent pending.
If you identify with those traits and want to leverage the superpowers while getting the drawbacks under better control, just send me a one word message HELP and I will be there to help. I won’t give up on you if you don’t.

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